I am Richardson Creative.  I specialise in Graphic & Web Designing, Front End Developing and Marketing.

Web Design Professional - Tania Richardson

Hi I’m Tania; a kiwi, designer, developer, biz owner and mother.  I love everything to do with the online business world.  My passion is helping people achieve their business dreams by creating sites that accurately reflect their passion, their brand and also convert.

I’ve been in the online space for over 12 years and work with people and businesses all over the world.  I’ve done the corporate thing (Yahoo NZ, Ogilvy & Air NZ) and spent some time at University gaining a degree in Visual Communication.

I’ve designed for sites with huge amounts of traffic, created Facebook pages with a huge following, created sites and campaigns backed by huge brands.  I now work mainly with entrepreneurs, and small business owners wanting to launch their own brand, re-brand or expand their online business.

I’ve worked for years on various website platforms, but now I primarily work with WordPress, Opencart, Shopify and Squarespace – because in my opinion they are the best.

Feel free to view the examples of my work displayed here on my site. If you would like more information, please email me.

I try and book clients at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure you have my full focus and creativity.  If you’re interested in working with someone who is honest, concise and qualified then head on over to my contact page to get started.

Feel free to connect with me on [email protected]

Tania Web Designer

UI Design

Apps are fast becoming a popular tool for businesses readily available on your smart phone or tablet.  I have designed user flow/wireframes and prototyping tools to design the best outcome for your mobile app solution.


Web Design & Development

Web Design for me is about ensuring your business get results whether it’s ensuring your brand is reflected accurately online or improving your conversion rate.  Design is NOT about making things ‘pretty’, it’s about function.  If you’re looking to get results, contact me today! 

On-page SEO

If you want to get some ideas on how to improve your website performance, I can help.   I currently rank #1 on Google for “Freelance Web Designer Auckland”. I  provide a written report on the current performance of your website and the changes I would make on your site to increase traffic.

Responsive Website

If you don’t have a responsive website, you’re making it harder for your potential customers to reach you.  All of the websites I build are responsive so you don’t miss out a massively changing market.

Who I work with:

  • Small Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs
  • Mumpreneurs (check out my book Hustle Mum)
  • Creatives who want a porfolio website
  • Job hunters wanting a simple and great looking CV website

Want to work together?

If you’re wanting to create a website, head on over to my Contact page to fill out a brief for me.