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One Trick to Creating a Unique Logo

Steps to creating a new logo.

I have to tell you something I’ve witnessed and am horrified by.  Something that should only be done by amateurs and those who don’t mind being a ‘bog standard’ brand.

creating a unique logo

It’s using free fonts for logos.

Now there is definitely a place for these brilliant typefaces.  Just not if you’re launching a new brand.  Forget Comic Sans, the next time someone uses Trajan Pro I’m going to puke.

And I know I’m not the only one.  Obviously the first ones to notice a free font will be designers but quite often psychologically non-designers will notice too.

You know how?  If you’re constantly exposed to something like Arial, then get exposed to Helvetica in body text people seem to think there’s a touch of sophistication to the website when there is nothing but a change of font.

Quite often when you’re looking at a website that just ‘looks right’ it’s because they have something that is near unique.

So my quick tip for you today to get your small business to stand out is to pay for a font for your logo.  If you’re at that stage where your’e just starting out or had your business for a while but need to make it look better on a budget, simply head to CreativeMarket, FontSquirrel or one of the other many font websites and PAY FOR IT.

Fonts range from about $15 – $600 depending on who created it and how good the actual font is in terms of design, readability, special characters, use and the longevity of the style.

If you’re getting a designer to create one for you, ensure you have a copy of the font file and ask them where they got it from.  If they’re a REALLY good designer, your logo won’t be a font at all – it’ll be custom designed by the designer themselves, just for you.

Nothing beats a good unique font and logo.  Your customers and clients will love you for it.

Has this helped?  If so check out my WordPress and SEO courses on the members section of my website.

Stay informed,

Tania Richardson web designer.


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