I craft digital experiences that not only users love, but meet engineering and business needs. From UX research all the way through to front-end implementation.

Product Designer Tania Richardson.

I’ve designed user interfaces for mobile, tablet and web apps, built sites with great user experiences & crafted award winning marketing campaigns.

My skillset lies in UX research, then building out a UI that is intuitive, fresh and backed by data as much as possible; ensuring that it’s not only usable, but meets Accessibility guidelines.  I work with teams to provide the cross-over from design to development, providing style guides and front-end code to start building great products.

For UX/UI design I use Figma primarily (sometimes Sketch) to create prototypes where you test your design before heading into development.  All of my projects are managed using Asana with my own unique formula for crafting web and mobile apps that are functional and designed to convert.

With each project I begin with user research – interviewing and gathering quantitative and qualitative data that then informs my designs.   I also have a passion for creating design systems that scale – ensuring that your user experience remains consistent, whilst ensuring efficiency within design teams.

Here’s a selection of what I’ve worked on over the years.

Outside of work I enjoy landscape photography, spending time with my daughter and doing the odd renovation project.

If you’re interested in working with me, head on over to my contact page to get started.

My product design toolkit.

product design toolkit logos.