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Brisbane, Australia.
[email protected]

Remote Designer
Wordpress Website, UI Design for apps & Marketing Material


Hey I’m Tania Richardson, a digital experience designer, front-end developer and director of Richardson Creative Ltd.  I specialise in UI/UX design for WordPress websites, mobile and web apps.

My passion is helping companies create digital experiences that accurately reflect their passion, their brand, and most importantly: convert.

I’ve designed and developed sites with great user experiences, crafted marketing campaigns and designed user interfaces for mobile and desktop apps.

My skillset lies in UX research, then building out a UI that is intuitive, fresh and backed by data as much as possible.  Working with your devs I help with the cross-over from design to dev, providing style guides and HTML/CSS to start building your concept.

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After working on a variety of different web platforms, I now primarily work with WordPress – because in my experience it is the best.

For UX/UI design I use Sketch app and Invision to create prototypes where you test your design before heading into development.  All of my projects are managed using Asana with my own unique formula for crafting Websites and Apps that are functional and designed to convert.

Feel free to view the examples of my work displayed here on my site.

If you’re interested in working with me, head on over to my contact page to get started.  I’m currently available for projects/contracts starting April 2020.

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