Awhitu Peninsula

It was kind of one of those weekends where you could go away but you’d rather not.  I’d heard so much about Awhitu Peninsula and thought it would be a great place to give our little one the run around.

Aside from the 1 1/2 hr drive here, where marked signs made you feel like you were ever so close – but not quite; it really is an Auckland treasure.

Awhitu Peninsula

My 20 month old looking out across the Manukau Harbour.


The Lighthouse here is simply beautiful.  We were able to walk up a well built case of stairs leading to the outside for a better view of the Skytower and the mouth of the harbour.

The walk up to the lighthouse.

The walk up to the lighthouse.

There’s a bit of a walk up from the cark park but nothing major.


The lighthouse, Awhitu Peninsula, Auckland, NZ.

If you’re ever headed this way, ensure you have a dvd player or some activities to keep the kids occupied.  If you leave in the morning feel free to stop over at Waiuku for a coffee.  We got a great brunch for a reasonable price at the cafe opposite the church (sorry I forgot the name!).

We also stopped by Big Bay for fish n chips on the beach as our daughter played in the sand/water.  A great day out without having to stay the night.


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