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Blog Post Formula.

Blog Post Formula

If you’re struggling to write out a blog post for your biz, check out my steps below to get it done quickly and deliver

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Reducing Design Debt.

Reducing Design Debt on your Website or App

Do you have design debt? Design Debt is the idea that the more inconsistencies you have in your website app or branding, the more

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Online Experts.

How Many of these Online Business Experts do you Know?

It’s so important as business owners that we’re taking advice from people who have been there and done that.  Particularly in the online space. 

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Say Hello to Google Insights.

Need help with your Google Analytics? Say hello to Google Analytics insights

The first thing I use to find out what is wrong, or what could be better for a website is Google Analytics.   It’s also

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How to solve a complex UX problem.

How to Solve a complex UX problem

Bare bones. Write down the minimum requirements needed from the user in order to achieve the business goals.  The minimum.  For example, don’t ask

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Hostgator VS WPengine Wordpress Hosting.

Hostgator Vs WPengine – Why I moved..

I bought my first website hosting account in 2008.  Yes, that’s 10 years ago! Over that time I’ve set up, managed and transferred hundreds

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Conducting contextual research for a better ux.

UX Lesson: 1 – How to conduct effect Contextual Research

Conducting contextual research or contextual enquiry. As a UX designer and even a business owner, it’s too easy to sit behind a desk in

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Style Guide Sketch.

How to Create a UI Style Guide in Sketch

Style guides are essentially rules that you as a ‘UI designer’ use to create consistency within the design and development team. They are not

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A closer look at user personas.

A closer look at User Personas in UX

Just like marketers have a target audience, UX designers have personas which are essentially descriptions of users, based on research. When I came across

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How to solve complex UX problems.

How to solve a complex UX problem

Solving a complex UX problem. What I’d love to be able to tell those who are thinking of designing or are in a redesign

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