How to Create an Email Signature

One of the easiest ways of personifying your brand into the world is to create an email signature.  This is an incredibly important side to your business that I believe needs to be done PRIOR to creating a website.

Create an email signature.

If you’ve recently purchased a domain or have been in business a while and haven’t managed to get around to setting up an email signature, I’ll show you below to create one.

Here’s why…

Email signatures enable you to:
– increase web traffic.  Think of every time you send an email as an opportunity for conversion.  It’s also not ‘in your face’ marketing and perfect for opportunities to mention news about your business without sending out a newsletter every time it happens!

– include all your key contact information and remind clients/customers of your contact without going to your website.  Often people tend to look through emails to find phone numbers and web addresses.  If they can search your name in an email it’s a hell of a lot easier than Googling something that you may not be number 1 for.

– re-enforce your brand.  You can add in any image you want on an email signature, obviously not too many as it needs to be fast loading, however, if your email is your primary customer contact point, make sure you take that as an opportunity to remind them what your brand mark is.

If you’d like to know how to do this yourself I’ve written some simple steps below to create and implement a signature of your own.  I’ve also added in a template download for free below.

Here’s how you create an email signature.  Please note there are 3 ways to actually do this.  I’ll teach you how to do my preferred method which means it costs you less, in the long run, is the way you SHOULD create email signatures and is managed completely by you (can you tell I love control?)

1. Download this HTML template using Dreamweaver, Sublime text or your favourite HTML editing programme.  If you don’t have either just use this: (click here) or use notepad.

Email Signature Example download.

2. Edit the text ONLY.  Don’t touch anything in ‘<>’ tags.  Include your Name, Title, email, contact phone number (if required) and logo.

Logo – every image on an HTML page needs to be referenced from an outside image file.  So, in this case, resize your logo to about 200px wide (depending on how big you want it.)  Save it in the same folder as the HTML file.  There is an example of this in the folder you downloaded.  Update this image.

Then upload the image file online somewhere.  This can be on your website, in the MailChimp file manager or somewhere where you can link to it at all times.  Once you’ve uploaded this file you will need to add the link to it in the file.

Email signature code.

Inserting the uploaded logo image file.

3. Copy it across

So now that you have your details and logo inserted it’s best to upload this HTML file online somewhere so you can copy it across to your iPhone and desktop signature.  Again I recommend putting it on your website so you’re in control of it.  Either ask your developer to do it or upload it yourself via an FTP client.

an example of FTPs are:


4.View it online by going directly to that address.

For example once you’re there select ‘ctrl’ + ‘a’ or apple ‘a’ on a mac.

It should look something like this:
Email signature select all

5.  Head over to your mail client and find ‘Signatures’.  Under mailMac it should be ‘Mail’ -> ‘Preferences’ then ‘Signatures’.

Select ‘paste’ or ‘ctrl’ + ‘v’.  That’s – it!



6. Insert in mobile.

To add this signature to your phone you simply go to that same address on your mobile, select all again and paste into your email signature section.

For those who would rather have someone else do with it all; than a site like this offers simple email signatures via a small monthly payment or a free solution like this:

That’s it for today, I hope that offered some valuable insight into great branding for your business.  Stay tuned for some great online video courses to help you create an epic online brand and business.

Stay informed,

Tania Richardson web designer.

10+ years as a product designer. Helping start-ups and organisations combine user research and design principals to deliver the best in online experiences.

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