Business Catalyst is dead, Move to WordPress

As you know, Adobe business catalyst is wrapping up as a CMS system. Now if you’re a customer of this system, don’t fret! It’s probably about time you moved to a more sustainable system.

Here’s the thing with Business Catalyst. It was a blog, a website builder, an ecommerce store and so much more right?

Well what I’ve come to know is that the more a CMS does, and the more it limits the developer (which is what BC does), the more problems you’re going to have with your website.

If you were just using BC as a information website, then you’re fine. It’s when you needed to get an event booking system setup as well as run an online store AND post blogs is where BC falls short.

WordPress can do all that and more. But there are also other options today, much more than when BC first came out. We have Squarespace – a fantastic website for those who want a great looking information website that sells an item or two.

We have Shopify for those who run ecommerce stores. Then there’s WordPress for heavily customised options, where you can run a blog a store and craft it to your needs and host it on your chosen platform.

Transferring to either for these can take time, and costs can vary from $1k to $15k depending on your needs.

To get a quick quote on what it might cost you to move from Business Catalyst to WordPress, or Shopify/Squarespace, please contact me – I’d be happy to help.

I’ve worked for companies that sold Business Catalyst exclusively and others that used it, so I know it well. I’m not tied to any one CMS system and I’ve worked for a LOT. I’m keen to help you in your business, make the best of your choices online, without any hard sell or false promises – because I build what I design.

I look forward to talking to you soon and again, don’t worry! It’s simply to move away from Business Catalyst to another CMS system to keep your business ticking along, and with minimal to no SEO impact.

Talk soon!

Tania Richardson web designer.

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