Where Should I Buy a Domain Name From?

Where should I buy a domain?

Anywhere you want.

If there is one place on the internet where you can tighten the purse strings and where ‘you get what you pay for’ DOESN’T apply, it’s domain names.

They’re like car registrations or library cards.  They all do the same thing and you can get them from various locations.

What does differ is the price.  This surprises me because all you really need a domain to do is to point it to your chosen servers.  So I can buy a domain name from ‘Jerry’ and buy hosting from ‘Jane’.  You can also buy both domain names and hosting from ‘Jerry’ or ‘Jane’ but what you have to be especially picking about is your hosting.  I talk more about that in this post.

What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Web Hosting Company.

Now if you are paying more than $30 for a domain, you’re paying too much.

Ok, so what about the actual domain? How do I pick a good one?

So the first question will often be Should I get a .com vs a .co.nz  most often the case is – always try and get a .com or global domain unless you’re a bricks and mortar store here location is important.

Next question is whether the domain name has any ranking factor.

The simple answer is ‘no’.  www.holyshitthisismydomainname.com will still be able to rank on page one.  The issue lies in it’s, marketability.  Can your customer remember your domain name after you’ve promoted it?  How difficult with the word be to spell, which increases the likelihood of not finding your domain.

If you think like your customer then you’ll end up making the right decision.  It also doesn’t hurt if you run your idea past Google Trends to get an idea for related words or how popular a particular word is.

Ok, so where can I purchase a domain name in NZ?

  1. 1st Domains
  2. Crazy Domains New Zealand
  3. Crazy Domains Australia
  4. Discount Domains
  5. Domains4less

All of which are affordable options to start your idea or online business.

Now it’s crucial that YOU as the business owner purchases this and adds your details to the domain.  Don’t let a Web Design or Development company/freelancer do this for you.  If you do, make sure that your details are on there so that technically you OWN the domain and can control it if anything goes wrong with your developer.


I hope that’s help.  And if you do pay more than $35 for your domain then look to transfer (which doesn’t cost anything) to one of these above.

I hope that’s helped.

Stay informed,

Tania Richardson web designer.


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