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Reducing Design Debt.

Reducing Design Debt on your Website or App

Do you have design debt? Design Debt is the idea that the more inconsistencies you have in your website app or branding, the more

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Online Experts.

How Many of these Online Business Experts do you Know?

It’s so important as business owners that we’re taking advice from people who have been there and done that.  Particularly in the online space. 

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Let's talk about timelines.

Let’s talk about Timelines..

We need to talk to about timelines..  whether it’s creating an app or redesigning a website it’s one of those things that kind of

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Where Should I Buy a Domain?

Where Should I Buy a Domain Name From?

Anywhere you want. If there is one place on the internet where you can tighten the purse strings and where ‘you get what you pay

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How to create a membership site on Wordpress.

How to Create a Paid Membership Website on WordPress

Over the last couple of years I’ve had a number of requests to build membership websites.  I’ve also managed to build one myself due to

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My number 1 UX tool.

My #1 Tool for Evaluating User Experience

User Experience is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days as the solution to your website conversion problems.  In this blog

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Common User Experience Design myths.

Common UX myths I hear from clients and colleagues

People don’t scroll. I once worked with someone who was clearly living in 1999 when they were adament that people don’t scroll on websites so

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7 Things your website should have in 2017.

7 things your website should have in 2017

Welcome to the new year, By now you’re probably re-evaluating your business and deciding what sort of changes to make this year to your

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What to expect from a freelancer working remotely.

What to expect when working with a freelancer remotely

What I love about the web is that you can run your online business from just about anywhere.  It allows you to hire and

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Still using a Yahoo Xtra email address for your business?

Still using a Yahoo Xtra email address for your business?

  Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing a fantastic business card, vehicle signage or website with a business email address from their ISP

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