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Hostgator vs WPengine why I changed.

Hostgator Vs WPengine – Why I moved..

I bought my first website hosting account in 2008.  Yes, that’s 10 years ago! Over that time I’ve set up, managed and transferred hundreds

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Style Guide Sketch.

How to Create a UI Style Guide in Sketch

Style guides are essentially rules that you as a ‘UI designer’ use to create consistency within the design and development team. They are not

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Websites that use Wordpress.

Sites you would be surprised to know, use WordPress

If you think that WordPress is just for smaller, starter websites you would be wrong. There is a reason that 18.9% of Websites around

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How I got to page 1 SEO.

How to get to page #1 of Google

SEO is one of those things that you are constantly getting sold into from experts or ‘experts’.  It requires zero qualifications and anyone can

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3 must have wordpress plugins.

3 Must Have WordPress Plugins

WordPress is my digital baby.  It’s my favourite content management system (CMS) which is why I use it for almost 90% of my client

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Know This Before Choosing a Hosting Company.

Know This Before Choosing a Hosting Company

I dislike a lot of web companies out there.  I know it’s a struggle to get clients and I also know how difficult it

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Beginners guide to online advertising.

Beginners guide Online Advertising

Creating ad banners is one of my specialties.  For about 10 years now I’ve been creating banners to promote and push users to websites

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What is a UX, UI, Web Designer?

UX, UI, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer — What’s the difference?? Have you ever scrolled through different freelance portfolios wondering what differing titles

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Build a website in one hour.

Build a Website in one hour

So you’ve started a business.  Whether you’ve gathered your followers from social media or from foot traffic to your physical store it’s important that you

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Design for Conversion

This month I’d like to talk to you about conversion and how the design of your website affects this.  With the mini-course I take

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