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Reducing Design Debt.

Reducing Design Debt on your Website or App

Do you have design debt? Design Debt is the idea that the more inconsistencies you have in your website app or branding, the more

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Conducting contextual research for a better ux.

UX Lesson: 1 – How to conduct effect Contextual Research

Conducting contextual research or contextual enquiry. As a UX designer and even a business owner, it’s too easy to sit behind a desk in

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A closer look at user personas.

A closer look at User Personas in UX

Just like marketers have a target audience, UX designers have personas which are essentially descriptions of users, based on research. When I came across

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How to solve complex UX problems.

How to solve a complex UX problem

Solving a complex UX problem. What I’d love to be able to tell those who are thinking of designing or are in a redesign

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Common User Experience Design myths.

Common UX myths I hear from clients and colleagues

People don’t scroll. I once worked with someone who was clearly living in 1999 when they were adament that people don’t scroll on websites so

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5 Resources to help your online business.

5 Affordable Resources to help you run your Online Business

I’m huge on starting out where you are.  If you’re just starting out and wondering if where to find resources to create an online

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