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Ditch the hard copy CV and Get a Website

If you’re job hunting, trying to get back into the workforce, or trying to make a real impression on your employers; here’s a tip that’s made me employable, and able to consistently work straight out of university, with little to no trouble landing the jobs I wanted.

About 10 years ago I registered  I always had a hard time coming up with company names so I knew this one would ultimately stick.  It starting out as a simple one page HTML site; no CMS, no admin; which eventuated to what you see today.  A top ranking site with a full a portfolio outlining my skills and services, making the most of the new wave of employers who are Googling YOU to work for them.

If I could give you one piece of advice right now, if you’re fresh out of university, or an experienced professional wanting to move jobs – it’s to create a website rather than a hard copy CV.

That’s right.  Your website will give you a better chance at finding a job, beating out all of your competitors if you execute it correctly.

I now get emailed projects from potential clients on a weekly basis.  Not only that, but I’ve been given 3 job offers purely from employers ‘Googling’ skills that they are looking to fill.  More recently I had one from Twitter!

And.. not that you need it here are some reasons why you need to get a website CV.

1. Your website works for you.
Rather that going on this hunt alone why not get your website to capture those employers looking who are on the hunt for people with your skills!  According to 94% of recruiters use, or plan to use social media for recruiting.  Everyone is going digital and staying digital.  More often than not recruiters will search skills they want online, especially in the IT industry.

2. You dictate how it’ll look and function.  Every industry is different, every job is different so being able to display your talents with a design that is targeted to your employers will ensure you stand out from the crowd.  Having a website also enables you the opportunity to be the first on the list when searched.   Something YOU can control.

3. It’s highly likely your employers will already be online when viewing applications.  Whether it’s SEEK, TradeMe or LinkedIn your employer will be accepting applications online and what better than to view a CV via a single click than downloading a PDF or worse a Word Document *cringe*.  Not only that but they’ll be able to share your link simply to business partners or colleagues who’ll have a final say on whether you’re hired or not.  Being able to do this all faster means you’ll speed past the rest and get on the ‘interview’ list – yippee!

4. It’s Future proof. A CV website enables you to potentially (depending on your job) work from home in the future allowing the work to come to you – if that’s part of your plan.  When you do end up getting a job your website continues to work, allowing potential clients and customers find you; sending you work and possibly the opportunity to work overseas.

In conclusion: A website CV allows you top the applicant’s list by having something that most probably won’t have.  It works for you and allows you personalise it to your industry.  Website are easy to build and purchasing a domain name with either your full name or your industry related terms would be the first step into achieving this.

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Free CV / Resume Website Download

Free CV / Resume Website Download

To get started download this FREE CV template thanks to

All the best!

Tania Richardson web designer.


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