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Freelancing the wrong way is HARD.

If you’ve been doing it a while or just starting out you may have already dealt with clients who:

  • Don’t pay on time
  • Are difficult to communicate with
  • Go over project scope
  • Have Big Dreams but Small Budgets
  • Waste your time
  • Don’t take you seriously

Not to mention the bills you need to cover, the time you spend away from your kids, or your hobbies.

Tip: All of these things come down to the way you structure your freelance business.  Because it CAN be easier, you CAN have a dream client base without working MORE than you need.

This is a sneak peek at what you’ll learn:

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7 Modules to guide you through the Freelance Formula Process.

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Is this course for me?

Freelance Formula eCourse.

This eCourse is great for Freelancer creatives who want to get years worth of knowledge right now.  If you were anything like me, you feel like you always seem to attract the wrong clients, you have never used a process for your freelance career OR, you simply want to earn MORE MONEY.

I’ve gone from charging $30 p/hr where a client told ME to increase my rates, to having over $11k months.  I used my ‘side hustle’ to move overseas without having secured a job and now work remotely doing what I love.

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Money Back.At this price you’ll get all 7 videos and all future videos I upload on my freelance life, processes and the tools I use to maximise growth as a freelancer.

Tania Richardson Freelancer in NZ.

Hey, I’m Tania – a freelance UX/UI designer currently based in Brisbane, Australia.  I’ve been designing websites and apps since 2003, and am here to share my processes on how to build a side hustle that gives you more money and freedom as a freelance designer.

This course was brought about by the number of emails I get from freelancers wanting to know more..

So hopefully I’ll see you in the membership site where I’ll be happy to answer any questions and show you in detail how I run and grow my biz.

Here’s what I’ll cover:

Sign up below to learn my entire process from gaining clients to booking new jobs.

  1. Contracts to Invoicing
  2. The Secret to getting Loads of clients (stop bidding on projects with thousands of others on sites like Fivver, Elance, etc.)
  3. The Business Setup (New Zealand specifically)
  4. Project Management using Asana (it costs NOTHING to get organised and use this!)
  5. Freedom tools – How to make your freelance life easier.
  6. Money & Goals (how to make 6 figures or more time with the kids) (coming soon)
  7. BONUS Branding module (coming soon)

All video modules that go through this in detail.  10 Day money back guarantee!  If you get in and don’t like just email me at and I’ll happily refund you.

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Only $289

Only $99

Only $99

Money Back.One time payment, lifetime access.  Available 24/7 online. 10 Day money back guarantee.

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