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Hey, I’m Tania, a senior product (UX/UI) designer in Brisbane with over 10 years experience. I work with individuals, small businesses and companies who are looking to build or redesign their existing website or app.

There are great benefits to hiring a freelance UX/UI designer to design and build your software or website.  Firstly I’m able to help you through the entire journey from UX research to development and can be contracted on a daily rate – meaning you can budget your design project week by week.

I have worked in a variety of industries ranging from airlines, childcare centres to freight trains and deployment automation – I enjoy the variety of work and being exposed to some interesting industries.

If you are ready to discuss your project, feel free to head over to my contact page to get started.

The design process


User research

Every project starts with empathy – an understanding of the business and user needs.  This involves using a range of UX methodologies that


Define your user needs and problems

Begin to understand the core problems and needs that your users have.   Define and refine to start where the most value can be added.

Ideate & Prototype

Design lo-fi to hi-fi

Create many solutions and refine it down to a prototype you can test with users.

Test & Iterate

Trial and error to success

Test with your design with users.  Does it meet those goals?  What needs to be refined and iterated on?

eSports Website.
UX UI Design for software.
Web Design for statements in Australia.
User Journey Designer Brisbane.

Commonly asked questions that may help.

How can I help you?

My services include redesign/design of mobile and desktop apps as well as custom design and build of WordPress Websites.

My process includes:

  • UX research using a range of ux methodologies
  • UI Design using Figma
  • User Testing
  • Creation of Product Guidelines
  • Design to HTML/CSS handover
  • SEO and usability review of your website.

Wondering how remote work happens with a freelance UX/UI designer?  Check out this blog post.

To find out more about me and my services, click here.   To view my resume – check it out on Linkedin.

I look forward to speaking with you.

What about managing the project?

Yes! I have that covered.  With Asana, I can update you on each individual task I’m working on as I go.  So at the end of your work day you can see exactly how the project is progressing – easy.

Can I meet to discuss my project?

Sure thing!  As a remote designer I can hop on a quick call to you using Google Hangouts or Zoom (I’ll send you a link).

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