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Need help with your Google Analytics? Say hello to Google Analytics insights

Say hello to Google Insights.

The first thing I use to find out what is wrong, or what could be better for a website is Google Analytics.   It’s also the best indicator for what is currently working with your marketing, SEO and current User Experience.

Now you don’t need a Google Analytics certification to know what to do next for your website, Google has released Google Assistant for Analytics.  So now if you have the app or access to your analytics on your desktop you can now ask Analytics insights just about anything to do with your website traffic.

Where to find it.

If you log into your Google Analytics account, just in the dashboard – on the top right is the ‘intelligence’ button.

Google analytics assistant.

If you select this item you’ll have a panel appear, similar to this:

Google intelligence for UX.

In the search box you can start typing out what you want to find out.

Here are just some questions you can ask:

  1. How many users did we get yesterday?
  2. Average time on page for mobile vs desktop
  3. Trend of new users this yaer vs last year
  4. Which channel converted the best for [Goal X]?
  5. Which paid search keywords convert the best?
  6. What is conversion rate in Australia?

You can find more questions here.

Here are my results for asking what my top pages are for this week:

Google analytics assistant.

This helps you eliminate the need for answers from your web developers, and also check that the people who you are hiring to do SEO/SEM or conversion work for you are actually performing!

Stay informed,

Tania Richardson web designer.