Is your Website Secure?

The difficulty of running a web development business is that there are constant potential attacks that can take down your websites if you’re not on your game and continue to update client websites and plugins.

Is your website secure?

If you’re like me and rely heavily on search engine traffic and page #1 rankings then ensuring you secure your investment is a no brainer.

So, I’m making the decision today to take my business to a more secure environment.  That is, to add a security certificate and ensure all of the information that gets pass to my audience is secure.

There is also another benefit:

Google has announced a that making your website secure improves your search ranking.  They’re wanting to make the internet a safer place by encouraging webmaster to do the same.

The easiest way to check whether your website is secure or not is to simply look at your domain name.  If it has ‘http’ or nothing in front of your domain URL then it’s not secure.  When using Google Chrome or on most browsers, when your website is secure, the first part of your URL is green or has ‘https’.

Secure website https

Non secure wordpress website.

So how do you go ‘secure’.  There a couple of ways.  If you’re a on SAAS (software as a system) website then you’re in luck because you’re likely to be secure already.  Systems like Squarespace and Shopify have this built in so you don’t need to do anything.

If you’re using WordPress, Joomla or an Open Source system then you’ll have to get a SSL certificate.  This is basically a long code (jumbled letters and numbers) placed on your server to encrypt content.

[highlight color=”red”]Here are a few options that start from as little as $5 p/yr[/highlight]

Geotrust Certificates

Contact your webmaster or hosting provider to get one installed.

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