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Octopus Deploy

What is Octopus Deploy and how it can optimize your continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline?

I’ve been working at Octopus deploy now for over 6 months – yay!  What’s Octopus deploy you say?  Octopus is a deployment tool primarily for .NET applications (they also support Java and a whole bunch of other languages) with a flexible plug-in system based on Powershell.

It uses Nuget packages as it’s artifact format and can connect to remote NuGet feeds to find and deploy NuGet packages.

It specialising in complex deployments as well as special features for handling .NET applications, IIS, Windows Services, and Azure, so many deployment tasks are very straightforward.  As seen in Figure 4-2, the concept of environments in Octopus means that deployment scripts easily be targeted to all environments or just, for example – Productions #winning.

It integrates well with other API driven Continuous delivery tools such as TeamCity and GoCD, calling into Octopus to carry out the Windows-specific or .NET specific deployment tasks.

Because they’re the best in class you know you’re getting a tool which is being optimised for all types of deployments, leaving your customers and engineering teams happy.

They have a 30 day free trial for those wanting to test out it’s awesomeness!