I aim to take you through the most efficient process from design to development without compromising the user experience of your website or app.


Define the UX problem.Crafting the best experience for your website or app means defining who it is we are designing for and what our goals are to ensure that throughout the project and post-launch that we have a clear vision for what success looks like.


Research ux design.This is where I’ll take a look at your Analytics data (if you don’t have it I’ll install it for you!), Facebook analytics data.  Research your competitors and ask you questions around your target users.  This is where data meets design.  When possible I speak directly with your users.


Brainstorm UX.Putting pen to paper, I’ll take the research and goals for your business and start sketching solutions.  The aim here is to create a rough outline of how this solution may look.  Often mapping our your user’s journey can help us define pain points and ideal solutions for web pages.


Mobile first design.There is where I get to start designing your solution.  I use Invision App and Sketch to show you how it may look and work using Invision without having to start the build.  This tool also allows us to start user testing using remote users to get quick feedback about any problems with the design.

STEP 5 - BUILD (Websites only)

Once the design is signed off I head into the build.  This process can take up to 4 weeks depending on the complexity and involves applying accessibility and design best practise.  SEO tags are implemented and images are optimised to get your site loading as quickly as possible.  Little to no changes are made in this part of the project.  Nearing the end I give you access and we start testing and resolving problems as we see them.


Launch website or app.A website launch can take up to 24hrs, this is where we update your domain settings, transfer your website to your preferred web hosting and connect the dots with your SEO strategy.

If we’re designing an app I’ll hand over design files to your developer and give them access to Invision.

It’s time to celebrate!   I will touch base with you 1-month post launch and review the analytics data to see how it’s performing.