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Child Care App & Statement

QK Technologies provides software to over 7000 services across Australia.  Their suite of apps includes My Family Lounge, which allows parents to manage child care bookings and view text and photos of their child’s day, posted by educators.


Due to the nature of the existing build, we had to combine two code bases into one – QK enrol and QK journeys.  I completed a redesign of the product, incorporating a more cohesive look as users navigated between the two areas of the product.


During my time at QK, I worked closely with a business analyst in order to redesign childcare statements; generated by the system.  The call centre was frequently dealing with enquiries by parents and services about how to read these statements.  As a parent who also received these, I could empathise.   The new design included a family summary section, helping users see key details at a glance, whilst also able to go into more details in the following pages.


As part of this redesign I designed and built using Adobe Business catalyst, a web page where parents could learn more about the statement itself.  The page was SEO optimised and is still active today.

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    UX/UI Design

  • Client

    QK Technologies

  • Tools

    Sketch, Jira, Invision App & Bootstrap, Journey mapping, Personas

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