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Some clients come to me with a website that’s doing exactly what they need – to deliver leads.   However, it’s always a good idea to take stock and see where you can improve things, even if it’s just the brand.


I looked at the current build to analyse their Google Analytics data to see what was, and wasn’t working.  From there I looked at building a user experience that their ideal client (Persona) would be looking for when searching for their ideal client.


From sketches through to low-fidelity wireframes, I worked through an ideal user flow that would not only retain their existing SEO rankings but improved on it by building and implementing on-page SEO tactics.


The end result was a fast loading website that has a more cohesive brand which actually reflects the high quality service this company offers.  In this project I also used a high quality KLIM foundry font.  This brings in that Kiwi element to the brand to reflect where this company is from.  I also brought in some custom graphics to make this design as unique as possible.


All my builds run through Web Content Accessibility Guideline checks to ensure they meet the needs of all users and easily accessed using screen readers.


There is a lot that goes into the build of a website, from UX research to design and build.  As someone who is familiar with the end to end process, it makes it easier for me to understand and ensure that all of these crucial elements are kept to a high standard from start to finish.

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