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Octopus Deploy

Octopus Deploy is a deployment automation company that helps dev teams around the world to deliver successful products by managing all types of easy to complex deployments.  During my time here I worked on a pitch for dark/light mode, contextual help, onboarding and marketing material from print flyers at events, to creating landing pages, banners, digital magazines, illustrations and much more.


As the second product designer to come onboard at Octopus Deploy, it took me a while to get up to speed with the components and design language of the company.  In order to allow the company to scale as it grew, I began building a design system that allowed all designers to pull components and graphics via an app called ‘Runner’.  A graphic for the blog that typically took half a day to a day designing and customising, could easily be done in an hour or two.


When designing for the product, it allowed us to communicate changes via notifications within the app. Whilst also contributing to it as a team.  We based this system off of HelpScout’s Design System called HSDS, which used 4 different libraries holding various components from product to marketing.


I worked remotely in Brisbane and communicated with team members across Australia and the world.

  • Strategy

    Project Research & Outline

  • Design

    UI Design

  • Tools

    Google Docs, Sketch, Bootstrap, Github & Slack.

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