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Medical Kiwi

One thing I ask all my clients is how we measure success.  How would I know that the design, the website, or product has been successfully delivered?


With this project our aim was to sign up investors or those interesting in hearing more about the developments of Medical Kiwi.  This client brought in some design ideas which we executed with a limited green and navy palette.  We discussed how best to display the amount of content we had and the navigational structure to ensure users don’t ‘get lost’.


I took it from sketches to wireframes and a high fidelity prototype to be refined before heading into the build.

  • Strategy

    Brand, UX Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art Direction

  • Client

    Medical Kiwi

  • Tools

    Sketch, Wordpress, Asana

  • Tags

    web design, Wordpress Build

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