Should you get a .com domain?

Should you get .com domain? – It depends.

Getting a domain name for your business is a big deal and can become time consuming if you’re unsure where to even start.  So, should you get a .com or a, .uk, .nz or .co for that matter?  I’m going to outline my thoughts on this question and hopefully help you sort this question out once and for all.

Should I get a domain name based on my industry keyword?

Domain name are big in the SEO world.  I am big on buying domain names that have your keyword in them if you can get them; however I will always stand by the fact that if you’re thinking big for your business I would highly recommend that you stand by your brand because that is what you’re really investing in.

So if you’re Jane Doe who owns a fitness studio, try and get or rather than or (not that any of these are available but you get the idea.).

The only reason you should own a local domain name.

Secondly the only reason I would recommend someone get a local domain is if they’re a bricks and mortar store that has no intention of going global.  Now that’s not to say that local domains don’t bode well with search engines – it’s entirely possible.  It’s more the perceived idea of a local domain.  Search engines won’t mind it but users can be put off of the fact that your local domain is not in their country.

Say I’m from Iceland where the extension for domains is .is.  If I google ‘personal trainer Toronto‘ and your personal trainer website appears (which is kinda unlikely anyway but it could happen), your users will instantly ignore your result as it’s not a domain extension they’re familiar with.

Or let’s say a user from Perth, Australia found you on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram because you had some awesome content.  They click on your link and go straight through to your website which is a domain – what is their instant reaction going to be no matter how great your content is?

In saying this, local domains should be purchased as secondary domains and to establish your brand within your own country if you can.

It is much easier to rank higher when you’re specific about your target audience, so keep or buy that local domain (branded or keyword related) and use them as lead pages that speak about your business then drives users to your main website.  At the very least just redirect the domain to your website.

All the best with your domain choice!

Stay informed,

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