How do I transfer my website domain from .com to ?

Wondering how to transfer a website domain? It’s actually really simple with WordPress.

What you’ll need:
– new hosting space details
– purchase domain
– access to both domains and web hosting spaces

WordPress has a migrator plugin. This essentially allows you to create a NEW website on the new host (as in completely fresh, no content), then when it’s up – you simple install this plugin and insert the detail of your other website admin details to begin the transfer process.

Ok, once you’ve done that you’ll need to point your .com domain to you’ll do this by logging into your domain provider and redirecting it -> to the domain. This setting should be available on all domain providers.

And that’s how you transfer a website domain.

Any downsides?
Unfortunately yes, the pages you’ve had ranked in Google for however long you’ve had it will begin to lose it’s ranking now that you have a redirect in place. So all links at the .com domain will just forward on. Given time Google will starting ranking the domain and get you back to at least where you were but it WILL result in a decrease in traffic, so just account for this.

If you’re making this change because you believe most of your customers are in NZ then it’ll be worth it in the long run as it’s easier to rank in NZ for certain terms with a local domain extension, not to mention customers prefer it because they know instantly that you’re a local.

Web hosting?

Looking for a highly recommended web host? Check out SiteGround, they’re affordable, have a free SSL certificate (which improves google ranking) and great customer support via online chat. I use it for this site and love it.

Stay informed,

Tania Richardson web designer.