User Interview Invitation Scripts

In this post I’ll write up some example interview scripts that you can use to invite known and unknown interviewees.  Based on the user base and your connection to them, you’ll have to decide which is best for you.  Above all, it’s important to be as kind as possible as they are invaluable to your work.  They on the other hand are taking time out of their day to participate in your qualitative research.

So, where possible thank them profusely and let them know how their work will improve the tools they are currently using and hopefully make their life easier.

Let’s get started..


Script 1

Dear [user name],

We are conducting interviews as part of a research study to increase, our understanding of [insert field and role].  As a [insert role] you are in an ideal position to give us valuable first-hand information from your own perspective.

The interview takes around 30 minutes and is informal.  We are trying to capture your thoughts and perspectives on being a student here in computer science.  Your responses to the questions will be kept confidential.  Each interview will be assigned a number code to help ensure that personal identifiers are not revealed during the analysis and write up of findings.

There is not compensation for participating in this study, however, your participation will be a valuable addition to our research and findings could lead to a greater public understanding of computer science and the people in the field.

If you are willing to participate please let me know a day and time that suits you and I’ll do my best to be available. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Many thanks,
[Insert your name]


Script 2

Hi [insert name],

Apologies for