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Provider Service Interface


Defining the Problem

As part of the childcare change from CCMS to CCSS, QK technologies required a solution that matched government specs and the needs of our clients.  This solution needed to be built within 6 months with a hard deadline of July 2018.

As the sole designer on this project we adopted an agile approach to the build and was heavily involved in helping define the solution as it evolved.

In addition to this problem, the look and feel had to align with product guidelines that did not exist.

UX UI Designer.


Research | Low Fidelity Wireframes

With an incredibly tight deadline, I looked at the SOAP spec doc and liaised with the lead business analyst on this project to come up with a workflow that would allow us to define this solution.

We sketched out solutions on whiteboards and paper.

UX Designer Brisbane.


Hi-Fidelity Designs

Using existing UI patterns within Qikkids, we were able to ensure users needs were met by providing the most user-friendly solution for our list of 25 events that required updating.

Due to the complexity of each event, requiring different user flows – I design and synced all 25 event designs including modals, sign in, out, validation and style guide to Invision for Developers to quickly review and build.

Testing and consultation was done in-house with our support team and remote testing within Invision.

Software designer Brisbane.


The Solution

A web-based app that is launched and authenticated from an RDP product.  A user flow that allows users to update and retrieve information from data that the government held.  A history log that retrieved all updates made within this web app.

Successfully meeting the deadline and happy users.

  • Full UI design
  • Created a base style guide as part of this project
  • Design to dev handover
Some details on the design have been changed.
UX UI Design for software.

The Result

Being able to sync these designs straight into Invision allowed the team to discuss and implement changes quickly.  With GA tracking implemented we’re able to learn and refine the design based on data and user research.