Zero to 1000 Email Subscribers in Less than a Month

Zero to 1k email subscribers.

I love posting about client successes because it means that my theories are correct and it enables me to share the results with those who need it.

In this post I’m going to show you one of the best ways to increase your website traffic and the technique a client of mine took to go from basically zero (around 100) to over 1000 newsletter subscribers.  This technique has worked with large companies who have just started their Facebook following and those who are just starting with their newsletters.

So here’s what we did.

Created a viral competition.

That’s right.  We created a competition using an amazing app called Woobox that allows you to place a competition on your Facebook page AS WELL as on your website; capturing data at both ends and automating the process of bonus entries when sharing.

Woobox to increase mail subscribers

There are a number of 3rd party systems that allow you to create competitions on your Facebook page and this is my favourite.  It’s also surprisingly affordable.  At $15 per/mth you can launch a competition and close it within the same month – talk about cost cutting!

Of course it’s never just a matter of creating a competition, there are other specifics that are key to creating a competition that goes viral.  Here are my top three tips for a creating a competition that takes you from zero to a lot of newsletter subscribers.

  1. Make the prize awesome
    (Either $1000+ in value or a once in a lifetime prize)
  2. Make the competition easy to enter – if you can just make it a name and email entry.  Getting attention online means making it easy for users and the more fields you add to the competition the fewer entries you’ll get.
  3. Promote your post on Facebook using your target audience.  Spend some dollars crafting an engaging post that people actually enjoy reading and looking at.  Your reach will increase in no time.

And to ensure everything is legally binding ensure you have terms and conditions that state that every entry is an automatic subscription to your newsletter.  To make it clear to your users, enable a tick box on the form.

With Woobox you won’t have to worry about downloading the database then linking it to your MailChimp account as it can sync it automatically.

As an extra tip I highly recommend posting your competition to freebie competition websites.  The ones that advertise to users who love entering competitions (only use the free option) as they sometimes send it to their database which is often in the tens of thousands.  Your customer or clients are in there somewhere!

And, remember to tweet about it, post a pic of the prize on Instagram, post it on Linkedin or if you’re into it already, talk about it on Snap Chat to capture the audience you’re after.

All the best growing your newsletter list.

Freelance Web Designer - Tania Richardson.